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Searching for Electric Companies in Dallas?

When you're looking to save on your electricity bill, you're in luck as a Dallas resident. Thanks in part to the deregulated energy market in Texas, you have the power to choose one of the many available energy companies in Dallas. Get started by getting to know your potential retail energy providers and how they operate.

How electric companies in Dallas serve your home or business

In a regulated market, there's not much you can do about where your energy comes from. Many states require the local utility company to generate and transmit power to your home or business. In Texas, things works differently - and it's all for your benefit.

The deregulated market allows electric companies in Dallas, known as retail electric providers (REPs), to buy energy wholesale from the power generator and then supply it to you through your local utility. With this system, Texans are presented with many different REPs that offer a host of options for you. While energy companies in Dallas are competing for your patronage, you'll almost immediately see the perks of having so many options. With that said, it's important to weigh your options in the search for your ideal Dallas electricity supplier.

What makes a good energy provider?

There are a few factors that Texans should always keep in mind while they're hunting for electric companies in Dallas. Foremost, know what kind of energy service you're looking for. Do you need power in your home or your business? Many of the retail electric providers will actually supply both. Try asking yourself these questions:

  1. How important is green energy to you? Many Dallas electricity providers are equipped to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Green energy can come in many forms. Water, wind and sunlight are among the most popular methods and are worth asking about when you start calling energy providers. Many energy companies in Dallas will promise that a portion of your service is fueled by some percentage of nature-friendly electricity. Others companies may partner with environmentally friendly organizations. For example, Oncor, which has more than 7 million customers across the state, has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2001.
  2. What kind of rate are you looking for? There's more than one way to equip yourself with a rate from your supplier. Energy companies in Dallas make it a point to offer you a diverse set of rates so that you can take better control over your bills. Flat rates, such as a fixed rate or a prepay method, are available in many locations. If you'd like a consistent way to know how much you're paying each month, it could be valuable to research which REPs offer a flat rate in the Dallas area. On the other hand, adjustable rates - such as variable rates and indexed rates - are also available. With these rates, you'll be charged based on how the energy market fluctuates. When the price of energy goes down, so will your rate. However, when energy prices increase, your rate will also. More recently, options such as time of day rates have been unveiled by REPs that encourage you to use less electricity during peak hours by charging you more during those time periods. In return, you'll receive a lower rate when you use electricity at less congested times, such as late at night.
  3. Where do you need power? While many retail electric providers exist across the Lone Star State, you may only be served by a few of them. If you're looking for energy providers in Dallas, make sure you check with the REP of your choice that it can provide electricity to your home or business. Energy companies in Dallas are competing for your business so finding one that best fits your preferences and location shouldn't be a hassle once you've done the research.

Choose a provider today!

Are you looking to switch providers or are you just moving into the Dallas area? Either way, using the resources available to you on this site can give you a stronger idea of what you can expect to see when you start shopping for a retail electric provider. By consulting the resources in front of you as well as the information made available by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, your search for a new REP will be easier than ever.

Since the deregulation of the Texas energy market in 2002, more and more people have been taking their energy provisions into their own hands. Whatever it is that's important to you, you're almost sure to find an REP in the Dallas area that can meet your expectations. The freedom to choose your provider encourages electric companies in Texas to customize their services according to your desires. Take advantage of that and start shopping around today!

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